Successful Strategies for Private Practice Orthodontists


The Bottom Line programs have been developed to provide practicing orthodontists and orthodontic residents with successful strategies to achieve their goals in practice quality and efficiency, while maximizing profitability and enjoyment.


The business principles, strategies, and tools have been developed by Dr. Terry Sellke and his wife, Dee, using over 30 years of real-world experience.  He combines clinical expertise with proven business concepts to not only help you imagine what is possible, but make those dreams a reality.


The real differentiator can be seen in results.  Attendees have applied Bottom Line concepts have grown their practices by 20 – 200% in the first year, while simultaneously reducing time at the chair by up to 60%


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Upcoming Programs

Refresher Programs

February 10 - 12, 2016

LAST TBL Refresher - All TBL Grads Welcome!
Sydney, Australia
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One Day Programs

April 10, 2015
Alabama Association of Orthodontics
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April 24, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
*Details forthcoming


More programs are pending finalization of plans, please check back often for updates!