Refresher Programs


Perhaps it’s been a few years since you graduated from The Bottom Line Comprehensive Series or maybe you just graduated last year.  In either case, attending a Bottom Line Refresher Program can help you re-energize and refocus your efforts on creating and running an efficient, patient-centered practice.

The Refresher Program has been developed for Comprehensive Series graduates who want to take a fresh look at the concepts delivered during the course.  Dr. Sellke will review topics such as:

  • Creating a patient-centered practice
  • Scheduling to run on time every day
  • Improving internal and external marketing
  • Developing dental referrals
  • Motivating and empower staff members
  • Making confident, financially savvy decisions
  • Efficient use of the latest technology 

The Refresher Programs are scheduled to allow Dr. Sellke and his team to cover TBL topics and address any specific questions from the group.  As with the Comprehensive Series and International Study Group programs, classroom participation from attendees is encouraged!  We want you to take your practice to the next level through this advanced TBL staff program!  Plan on staying an extra half or full day to host your own staff retreat to maximize your return on investment.  Individual offices are responsible for setting up your retreat.

LAST TBL Refresher Program

TBL is excited to announce a Refresher Program available to ALL former TBL graduates and their staff.  This will be our last Refresher Program - we hope you will join us to refresh, refocus, and share ideas with other TBL professionals.


February 10 - 12, 2016 (2 1/2 Days)

Shangrila Hotel

176 Cumberland Street

The Rocks

Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Doctor and Staff Welcome


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Who Should Attend

All graduates from The Bottom Line Comprehensive Series are encouraged to attend. 


To host a Refresher Program, The Bottom Line needs a minimum of 10 doctors to attend.